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Dominica Cable Car Project focuses on Top Station construction

The Dominica Cable Car Project, which is one of the most significant undertakings in the nation’s history, has continued to progress on schedule in recent days with new additions to the construction apparatus which have enhanced the construction team’s capabilities significantly. An important development with regards to the equipment being employed by the construction team …

Dominica: A brief look at the progress made by the Cable Car Project

The Dominica Cable Car Project has attracted attention around the world, due to the fact that it is a ground breaking undertaking which is set to break records and give the tourism industry of the nation a massive boost. The project is expected to triple the size of the tourism sector in Dominica and expand …

Dominica Sets New Global Standard with World’s Longest Cable-Car Journey

Construction for a new cable car system, the world’s longest of its kind, is underway in Dominica. The single-cable system will take riders 4.1 miles from the Roseau Valley up to Boiling Lake, one of the world’s largest thermal springs, located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. The 10-passenger, detachable gondola will make the …

Dominica’s Cable Car: A Game-Changer Set to Propel Island’s Tourism

In a bold move set to revolutionize Caribbean tourism, Dominica is launching an ambitious Cable Car Project, which is expected to record Guinness World Record upon completion. It will be the world’s longest Detachable Mono-Cable Car with 6.6 kilometres in length with about 20 minutes of travel time up to the boiling lake. According to …