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The Dominica Cable Car Project, which is one of the most significant undertakings in the nation’s history, has continued to progress on schedule in recent days with new additions to the construction apparatus which have enhanced the construction team’s capabilities significantly.

An important development with regards to the equipment being employed by the construction team is the hiring of a blackhawk helicopter by ABL Holdings, after it secured the approval of the United States Government to make use of the craft to aid construction.

ABL Holdings has been spearheading this project in conjunction with the government of Dominica and the progress made by this collaborative effort has been nothing short of impressive.
Since the construction team has shifted its focus to the Top Station and associated structures in recent days, the ability to make use of a helicopter to airlift heavy loads from the bottom and bring them to the inner reaches of the designated construction area is a boon to the project.

Since bringing in the helicopter, the project management has made a concerted effort to make the lives of its construction workers easier and more comfortable. To facilitate this, fully constructed buildings have been airlifted to the top, so as to provide comfortable residences to the workers in that section of the project.

A total of three houses have been carried to the top by air, each of which can accommodate six individuals at a time. Additionally, one fully assembled structure which will act as a cookhouse, one which will be used as a bath house and one that will serve as an office, have also been airlifted to the top. This means that the helicopter brought in recently has already airlifted six fully constructed buildings to the top station, amongst other things.
By doing so, the project has ensured that its employees have the means to work comfortably deep in the upper reaches of the area, as they continue to make progress, thus bring the project closer to completion with each passing day.

According to the latest update received from sources that are close to the project, the construction team is currently focused on digging, prepping and securing the foundation of tower 17 which is said to be a massive undertaking by all accounts.

The versatility and immense applicability of the helicopter hired by the team recently, is evident from the fact that it has also been used to carry prepared concrete which is being poured to secure various tower foundations.

Not only does this method make it far more convenient to carry and pour concrete in the more remote sections of the project but it also makes the process less time consuming which has contributed significantly to the maintenance of the project’s proposed schedule.

As the project continues on its current trajectory, the construction team under the guidance of Outdoor Engineers AG is looking to complete the foundations of the general structure, which will then allow them to move onto the associated structures.

The addition of the helicopter will continue to bear fruit as it will be used to ferry individuals, material, fully or partially assembled structures and processed concrete to various sections of the project, depending upon the requirements at any given time.

Considering the vast list of logistical challenges that the project must overcome, not to mention the difficulties caused by the terrain and the vegetation in the region, the availability of the aerial route to transport essential material or individuals bolsters the construction team’s abilities to a large degree.

The Dominica Cable Car Project is a novel undertaking in the region which is set to break records and initiate a new era in the Caribbean Tourism Industry. This is precisely why the government of Dominica and ABL Holdings have made the decision to pour their resources into this project and make sure that it surpasses expectations in terms of quality and diligence.

Once complete, the project is said to have the ability to revolutionize the economy of the nation while also providing jobs to locals, thus securing their financial future.

The project has already gained popularity the world over, which is down to the fact that it will give tourists and enthusiasts easy access to the famous yet largely unexplored Boiling Lake.

Additionally, the project is expected to open up several opportunities for professionals in the hospitality, transport and tour guide sectors.

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