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‘The Cable Car Project, which is to be built in the Commonwealth of Dominica, is currently under construction and is progressing smoothly. Invest Dominica Authority, the government authority overseeing all the country’s major investment projects, recently visited the site of the Cable Car project to inspect the progress.

The visit from the Authority took place in June, where the team of the IDA interacted with the team involved with the Cable Car construction. The two teams provided in-depth updates on the progress of the Cable Car Project. At the site, the Executive Director of the IDA, Rhoda Joseph and the staff expressed their gratitude to the Management of Outdoor Engineers for accommodating the visit to the site of the cable car.

The project is one of the most prestigious and awe-inspiring initiatives taken up by the government for the benefit of the people of the country. The Cable Car Project, which is being taken up by ABL Holdings, is expected to bring remarkable change to the tourism industry of the country. Patrickson Victor, Senior Investor Services Officer at the IDA, took the opportunity to applaud the progress.

He was also present at the site visit with the team of the Invest Dominica Authority. He said, “We are certain that this investment will be transformative for the tourism industry and the economy in general.”

The Cable Car project is a significant undertaking by the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It is the world’s longest mono cable cable car. The team describes that the cable car will be a 6.6-kilometre engineering masterpiece once finished. The cable car will take passengers on a journey through the island’s most captivating landscape and bring tourism to a new level.

Meanwhile, Senior Investor Services Officer Patrickson Victor also stated that “IDA looks forward to the operation and commits to continue providing the necessary support.” The world’s leading cable car construction company, Doppelmayr, is constructing the cable car. The company holds over a century’s worth of experience in building cable cars all around the world.

The company promises innovation in design, cutting-edge technology and expertise that remains unparalleled in the rest of the world. The Commonwealth of Dominica has sought the expertise of some of the best names in the cable car industry. After the completion of the Cable Car Project, ABL Holding, one of the most successful companies in the world, will become a part of history as they are responsible for bringing the project to the nation.

The world’s largest cable car is expected to be a historical and record-holding installation for the country. The installation will bring laurels to the country and stakeholders involved in realizing the project, including ABL Holdings and Doppelmayr. With this construction, the Cable Car will connect to the Boiling Lake and offer an unforgettable visitor experience.

The construction of the cable car is expected to bring a greater footfall of visitors and increase the tourism capacity of the country. The project is going smoothly and at a remarkable pace, the stakeholders involved in realising this project, including the team at the Doppelmayr and ABL Holdings, have expressed their extreme pride in being a part of the historic project. The project is expected to bring renewed fame to the Commonwealth of Dominica as a tourism destination.

An increased number of tourists are expected to turn their attention to the island nestled in the Caribbean after the completion of the tourism-based infrastructure. The Cable Car Projects are being constructed in the country through the funds received through the Economic Diversification Fund. The EDF is one of the investment options in the Citizenship by Investment Programme of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The utilization of the EDF funds in this historical project is proof of the significance that the Citizenship by Investment Project of Dominica holds in the development of the country. The Commonwealth of Dominica introduced their CBI Programme to benefit their people and the nation’s economic prosperity.

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