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In the Caribbean island nation of Dominica, a new visitor experience is being created at Boiling Lake, which guests will in future be able to reach by the world’s longest gondola lift. The Doppelmayr Group has been commissioned to implement this unique project. The 6.6-kilometer ropeway is being designed at Doppelmayr in Wolfurt, while the concept for the ecologically and economically sustainable development of the area comes from the project development company Input.

Dominica is an island nation in the Caribbean and home to the world’s second largest thermal spring, Boiling Lake in Morne Trois Pitons National Park. It is located about 10.5 km east of the country’s capital, Roseau. To visit the thermal spring requires a seven-hour hike – four hours there and three hours back. With the aim of making Boiling Lake also conveniently accessible to day visitors, ABL Holdings LTD commissioned the Doppelmayr Group as a partner for the development of a new adventure world.

Input Projektentwicklungs GmbH worked together with Outdoor Engineers AG to develop an ecologically and economically sustainable concept in line with Dominica’s tourism strategy: The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not least for this reason, Dominica pursues sustainable tourism that enriches the lives of its citizens by creating economic, social and cultural opportunities and protecting the country’s natural resources, nature and culture. Environmentally friendly mobility to Boiling Lake will in future be provided by a 6.6-kilometer-long detachable 10-seater gondola lift – it will be the longest single-cable ropeway in the world and will be implemented by Doppelmayr using the D-Line ropeway generation. It will take visitors to the National Park quickly, reliably and comfortably in just under 20 minutes.

Shopping and refreshment facilities will be created at the bottom station, focusing in particular on the local specialties of the country. In the area around the top station, there is a restaurant with a panoramic terrace, viewing platforms and, as a highlight, a six-meter-high statue of the national bird “Sisserou” at the highest point. Via a hiking trail, visitors can reach the impressive Boiling Lake, the second largest thermal spring in the world, in just a few minutes from the top station.

The ropeway engineers at Doppelmayr in Wolfurt are currently working on the ropeway technology for the world record ropeway. The opening is scheduled for early 2024.


10-MGD Boiling Lake, Dominica

Customer: ABL Holdings LTD
Oblique length: 6.610 m
Height difference: 366 m
Conveying capacity:: 1.000 Personen pro Stunde und Richtung
Driving speed: 6,0 m/s
Trip time: 19.5 min

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