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Citizenship by Investment Solutions

Business Opportunities

Expand the boundaries of your current business and explore new global opportunities.

Global Mobility

Ease your travel experience, enjoy visa-free and visa on arrival to more than 100 countries and territories.

Due Diligence

Multi-layered due diligence processes to ensure your safety and privacy remain in place at all times.

Wealth Planning

Diversify your wealth, and get on board with new possibilities waiting ahead with your second citizenship.

Investment Options

Select from the most suitable investment options to grow your business.

Who We Are

About ABL Holdings

Our team of experts ensures the best for you with a careful audit of all your documents and deciding the best investment option for you.

In terms of residence and citizenship by investment, ABL Holdings is among the world’s most successful companies. Numerous wealthy individuals and their advisors turn to us each year, seeking assistance in these matters.

ABL Holdings works with you to create your Plan B by finding out the most suitable second citizenship.

What We Do

Our Services

Second Citizenship

Second citizenship, or multiple citizenships, is when a single person is legally recognized as a citizen of two or more countries at the same time.

Application Processing

Our experts ensure that your citizenship applications are processed swiftly.

Legal Advice

We have a team of experts who carefully assess your requirements and help in determining which residency or citizenship programme is best suited to your needs.

Government Authorised

ABL Holdings is authorised and licensed firm by governments of the specific countries that we deal in.


Our team includes world-leading consultants who will guide you through the citizenship by investment options available.


ABL Holdings collaborates with agents and stakeholders in the wider investment immigration industry. Partner with us to expand the boundaries.

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Successful Cases

Our Testimonials

Clients Say About Us

Afaq Qasim Dominica

I am delighted to let you know that I've recently become a citizen of a small island country in the Caribbean known as Dominica. I must say, I've been advised very thoroughly and clearly by ABL. I am very thankful to them and their team for providing me with complete guidance on how I could obtain my second citizenship. Not just about citizenship, but ABL has also helped in understanding the process involved in obtaining Dominica's citizenship.

Feng Zhao Dominica

I invested in the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica with the help of ABL Holdings. It was a joyful experience, and now I will be able to enjoy the benefits of the citizenship of Nature Island. As a businessman, the second citizenship of the Caribbean country, especially Dominica, is a virtue. ABL Holding checked every detail meticulously, and the company's staff was cooperative, professional and understanding. I want to thank the company for their assistance. A special thanks to the Government as well as the people of Dominica.

Sabia Ishaq Dominica

I am very thankful to the entire team of the ABL Holdings, which helped me throughout my whole journey to get my second citizenship of Dominica; they helped not only me but also my family and children. The people of Dominica are very cooperative and joyful. I like the Commonwealth of Dominica because it is deeply rooted in community values. Dominica is a natural island with no pollution and is a peaceful place.

Aabidah Al Mohammad Dominica

I am a nature photographer and always wander around to explore the beauty, capturing it on my camera. With the assistance and guidance of ABL Holdings, I obtained dual citizenship of the nature isle - Dominica, which helped me to seize the mesmerizing and breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean island. Moreover, the service provided by the firm is worth appreciation.

Adrian Novak Dominica

I am extremely pleased to take the second citizenship of Dominica by investing in its Citizenship by Investment Programme with the help of ABL. It is turned out to be an excellent step for me as I have started my business in several countries due to its global mobility aspect. Now, my business is doing incredibly well and flourishing. ABL holdings assisted me in fulfilling all the standards of the CBI programme. I am incredibly grateful to the government and the citizens of Dominica for supporting me in achieving this position.

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