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In a bold move set to revolutionize Caribbean tourism, Dominica is launching an ambitious Cable Car Project, which is expected to record Guinness World Record upon completion.

It will be the world’s longest Detachable Mono-Cable Car with 6.6 kilometres in length with about 20 minutes of travel time up to the boiling lake.

According to the current feasibility report, this innovative venture is poised to dramatically boost tourism numbers, projecting Dominica to potentially outpace Jamaica, a renowned Caribbean tourist hub, in visitor footfall.

Dominica, often referred to as the “Nature Island” for its extraordinary natural beauty, is thus gearing up to redefine Caribbean travel, with industry experts keenly watching this space. As the project moves forward with construction, global travelers are being urged to turn their attention towards this rising star of the Caribbean.

“As Dominica embarks on its transformative journey, two significant projects are set to catalyze the nation’s tourism surge: the new International Airport and the groundbreaking Cable Car Project,” says locals.

Feasibility experts predict that these innovative developments will attract over 1.5 million cruise tourists to the shores of Dominica, with cruise liners eager to incorporate this emerging destination into their itineraries.

Notably, the Cable Car Project, with its direct route to the iconic Boiling Lake (world’s second largest), is expected to draw at least a third (33%) of these tourists. This would represent a monumental boost to the local economy and solidify Dominica’s position as a must-visit Caribbean destination, effectively shaking up the region’s tourism landscape with about 500,000 passengers a year.

The projected success of Dominica’s strategic developments is expected to push forward the nation to new heights in Caribbean cruise tourism. The island’s anticipated visitor footfall could see it bypass some of the region’s most established cruise destinations.

As it stands, Jamaica, a renowned Caribbean hub, welcomes around 1.5 million cruise passengers per year, while St Lucia sees about 800,000, and Barbados approximately 850,000. However, with the completion of its pioneering Cable Car Project and new International Airport, Dominica is projected to attract over 1.5 million cruise tourists alone, says survey.

This remarkable growth, alongside an increase in overnight visitors from long-haul flights, could soon position Dominica not just as a competitor, but a leading destination in the Caribbean cruise tourism market.

This upgrade is expected to increase the influx of overnight travellers significantly, further boosting Dominica’s growth as a premier tourist destination in the region.

The nation’s strategic initiatives, coupled with its unrivalled natural beauty, are quickly setting the stage for Dominica to outshine other Caribbean countries. As the momentum builds, all eyes are on this small island nation as it steadily asserts itself as the Caribbean’s rising star, swiftly moving to secure its place as the top choice for global travellers.

Dominica’s burgeoning luxury hotel sector further underlines its appeal to the discerning international traveller. Several five-star resorts, including the Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Jungle Bay Eco Villas, and Secret Bay, are already operational, offering visitors an opulent stay immersed in nature.

Moreover, many more luxury accommodations are currently under construction, ready to cater to the expected influx of tourists. These resorts, blending luxury with sustainability, are redefining the idea of eco-friendly travel, thereby attracting a new demographic of environmentally conscious, high-end travellers.

With its expanding luxury hospitality offerings, Dominica is ensuring that it isn’t just a destination for adventure seekers, but a haven for those seeking serenity, comfort, and an unforgettable eco-luxe experience.

The Cable Car Project being constructed by ABL Holdings, this innovative mode of transportation spans an impressive distance, meticulously planned to offer a panoramic view of the island’s most mesmerizing sites. Each ride on the cable car will allow travelers to take in Dominica’s unique terrain from a breathtaking perspective, making the journey a destination in itself.

With a carefully designed route, the cable car journey will take approximately 40 minutes to complete. As the car gracefully soars above the verdant canopy, passengers will be treated to spectacular sights including, Trafalgar Falls, River Gorge and the meandering Suspension Bridge.

The journey will also offer a bird’s eye view of the verdant Horseback Ridge, Crossing Nichols Ridge, Nichol’s View Point and Valley of Desolation culminating in the awe-inspiring the Boiling Lake. This efficient and scenic mode of transportation is not just a means to get from point A to B, but a memorable experience that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Dominica – where dreams and nature unite.

“The innovative Cable Car Project in Dominica is not only about creating the world’s longest cable car system, but also about fostering a comprehensive travel experience. To this end, the project will incorporate a variety of amenities to cater to the needs and tastes of visitors. In addition to the cable car ride itself, the project will feature numerous establishments designed to enhance the travel experience,” said experts.

They added, “Visitors will be able to choose from a range of dining options, with several restaurants planned within the project’s premises. Whether it’s a quick bite or a leisurely meal, these restaurants will offer a diverse array of cuisines to cater to international palates. Moreover, the project also plans to include a number of shops and vendor stalls. These will provide a variety of retail options, ranging from local artisanal crafts and souvenirs to essential travel items. Through these provisions, the Cable Car Project aims to offer a holistic travel experience, making it much more than just a ride through Dominica’s beautiful landscape.”

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