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The Dominica Cable Car Project has attracted attention around the world, due to the fact that it is a ground breaking undertaking which is set to break records and give the tourism industry of the nation a massive boost.

The project is expected to triple the size of the tourism sector in Dominica and expand the industries associated with the tourism sector in the nation, thus bringing in more jobs and capital simultaneously.

This is a significant development not just for Dominica but also the Caribbean and will help bolster the tourism and cruise industries in the region as well.

The project is a cumulative effort which involves the Government of Dominica and ABL Holdings, who have brought in Doppelmayr, the most highly regarded company in terms of cable car construction and design.

ABL Holdings is handling the construction operations on the ground and is seen as the party responsible for the rapid progression of the project.

Considering the fact that the construction site is placed in a part of Dominica which presents with difficult terrain and lush forests, the undertaking is not an easy one. Yet the hundreds of construction workers who have been brought in from areas in the vicinity have been able to keep an impressive pace with the guidance of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

The Cable Car Project is being looked at as a major source of jobs for locals in the region and will offer a wide variety of employment options before and after the completion of the project.

While the project currently employs multiple construction workers, it will soon create jobs for tour guides, taxi drivers and those involved in the hospitality sector. This can be attributed to the wide range of services that will become a part of the project as it is completed. 

The project is progressing well and many of the installations have been completed already. Deadman anchor logs have been completed, which is another important development. Besides this, the project has seen the following tasks completed by the joint efforts of ABL Holdings and their construction team:

  • Guy rope lines are being re-cut and the tree line is being cut to accommodate the development.
  • Anchor weight locations are being excavated.
  • Anchor weight pre-casting is in progress.
  • The Tower 7 winch pad has been excavated and blinded.
  • LCS Tower assembly and saddles have been completed.
  • Rigging pallets are being placed for flying them.
  • Trail work is being conducted near Tower 3.
  • Top Station building sites have been completed.
  • Anchor Hole digging has been resumed.
  • 6 buildings have also been constructed to be flown to the Top Station.
  • Micropile drilling and grouting for Tower 8 is in progress.
  • The foundation for the LCS Tower and the Deadman Anchor installation have been completed.
  • 44 out of the 59 Deadman anchor logs have been buried and backfilled.
  • Tower 1 Guy Rope Anchors are being designed.
  • The foundation for Tower 14 has been excavated.
  • The Tower 15 foundation will be the last one to be cast by hand according to the project manager.
  • Tower 10 and Tower 11 are being excavated by hand as of now.

The Cable Car Project has captured the attention of the world, not just for being a novelty undertaking but also for the fact that upon completion, it will break the current Guiness World Record, becoming the longest cable car in the world.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has been deeply involved in the project and has made a significant push to ensure its success. This is because the Cable Car Project has the potential to be one of the biggest drivers for the economy of the nation in the near future.

The hard work and dedication of the government of Dominica, combined with the efforts and expertise being brought to the table by ABL Holdings, is expected to push the Cable Car Project through to completion as per schedule.

This development would open multiple new avenues for the people of Dominica, as well as the region and is being seen as a vital step along the path that Dominica is treading, so as to build a better future for its citizens, with sustainability and resilience as the nation’s guiding principles.

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